Godaddy Promo Code SCENESSL $12.99 SSL Certs

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Security is the name of the game when conducting business online. If you want security for your site you need an SSL certificate. Normally priced around $50, you can save over half off by using promo code SCENESSL at checkout.

Godaddy Promo Code SCENESSL – $12.99 Standard SSL Certificates (Save over 50%)
Take over 50% in savings by using this exclusive SSL promo code. Secure Sockets Layer Certificates-or SSLs, as they’re commonly called-encrypt sensitive data as it moves to and from your website. With an SSL on your site, information such as social security and credit card numbers can never be intercepted by an outside party, regardless of their intentions. SSL certificates are the single-most powerful means of reassuring wary Internet shoppers. When they see the distinctive padlock icon in the lower corner of their Web browser, visitors know that information flowing both to and from your site is protected. So there’s no need to worry that someone will view the private information they provide to you. It’s absolutely safe. Go Daddy offers a variety of SSL Certificates with up to 256-bit encryption-the highest level available. All Go Daddy SSLs come with a warranty and offer 99.9% browser recognition-many can be had in a matter of minutes. All for up to 70% less than the other SSL Certificates out there.

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Godaddy SSL Promo Code

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We have a new Godaddy promo code exclusively for buying SSL certificates. Use coupon code SCENESSL to receive all standard SSL certificates for just $12.99. With a normal price of $29.99, this promo code saves you over 56% off the regular price.

Godaddy Coupon SCENESSL - $12.99 SSL Certificates

How do I use this promo code?
1) Click on the Godaddy SSL coupon above to visit
2) Select the Standard SSL plan and add to your cart
3) Type in SCENESSL in the promo code box in cart
4) Click “Apply Code” to activate your discount!

Godaddy SSL Promo Code

What is SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is the de facto standard for creating a secure, encrypted link between a Web server and a browser, which ensures safe passage of sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. E-commerce Web sites, banks, etc. use SSL as a means to protect online transactions with their customers. Once a secure connection is established, SSL encrypts information sent from your browser to the Web server.

What makes Godaddy the best choice for SSL?
Go Daddy gives you a Lower Cost, Powerful 256-Bit Encryption and 99% Browser Recognition, all within minutes. Why pay more? Go Daddy offers the reliable site security you need for less. Godaddy SSL promo code SCENESSL makes it even easier with the exclusive $12.99 discount price.

Godaddy SSL Certificates Comparison

How does an SSL certificate work?
An SSL certificate ensures safe, easy, and convenient Internet shopping. Once an Internet user enters a secure area — by entering credit card information, email address, or other personal data, for example — the shopping site’s SSL certificate enables the browser and Web server to build a secure, encrypted connection. The SSL “handshake” process, which establishes the secure session, takes place discreetly behind the scene without interrupting the consumer’s shopping experience. A “padlock” icon in the browser’s status bar and the “https://” prefix in the URL are the only visible indications of a secure session in progress.