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lifelock-couponIf you are looking for a promotional code to use at Lifelock click the coupon to the left  for up to 10% off and 30 days free. Other Lifelock promo codes only offer a small discount. But we are able to offer you BOTH a 10% discount to new subscribers, AND 30 days free on all new orders. That’s just $9 a month PLUS a free month of service! If you’re committed to safeguarding your identity, then Lifelock is the right choice for you.

The Lifelock Discount

To redeem the coupon code, sign up via this link and the Lifelock promo code will automatically be applied to your application. At the end of the 30-day free period your card will be billed automatically ($9 monthly / $99 annually) unless you cancel within the 30-day period. You can cancel anytime without penalty. Offer is for new members only.

How does LifeLock protect my identity?

Here’s what you can expect once you have provided us with all of your critical membership information:

LifeLock enrollment
LifeLock Guarantee

Welcome to LifeLock!

Upon enrollment you are immediately covered by the LifeLock $1 million service guarantee.To enroll, you must provide LifeLock with the necessary information and certify that you have a good faith belief that you have been or are about to become a victim of identity theft.

LifeLock contacts credit bureau
LifeLock places fraud alerts

Within 24 hours of the request:

You will receive an email from LifeLock stating that fraud alerts have been requested on your behalf. When fraud alerts are established with the major credit bureaus, creditors are required to verify your identity before opening any new lines of credit, issuing new cards or increasing your credit limit.

LifeLock orders credit reports You will receive an email from LifeLock stating that your free annual credit reports have been ordered on your behalf from the major credit bureaus. Your reports will be sent directly to you.
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection
LifeLock secures credit

Every time you apply for new credit or someone tries to do something with your credit:

Creditors are required to verify your identity. Typically, you should receive a phone call from the creditor asking if you are actually the person applying for credit in your name. If you are, great. If not, you can tell them to stop the transaction.

LifeLock removes pre-approved credit offers
Pre-approved credit offers blocked You will be sent an email from LifeLock saying that they have asked for you to be removed from pre-approved credit offer lists. By blocking irritating credit card offers, Lifelock blocks one of the avenues thieves use to steal your identity.
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Results
LifeLock fraud alert confirmation

Once Lifelock has made the requests:

You will receive letters from the credit bureaus confirming that fraud alerts have been set.

LifeLock delivers credit reports Your free annual credit reports from each of the major bureaus will be sent to you.
LifeLock reduces junkmail and offers You should begin seeing a dramatic decrease in pre-approved credit card offers and related unsolicited mail. Please note that banks and other institutions with which you already do business can continue to send you offers unless you tell them specifically that you don’t want them anymore.
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection resets fraud alerts
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection resets fraud alerts

About every 90 days thereafter:

Unless you no longer have a good faith suspicion and tell Lifelock to stop, you will receive emails from Lifelock stating that we have requested that your fraud alerts be re-set.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection resets fraud alerts You will receive confirmations from the credit bureaus that your fraud alerts have been re-set.
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection resets fraud alerts

Every 12 months:

You will receive new copies of your free annual credit reports from all credit bureaus.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection support
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection WalletLock

If your wallet is ever lost or stolen:

Lifelock is here to help! Just give them a call and a WalletLock Specialist will help you contact each affected credit card, bank or document issuing company, cancel those accounts and complete the paperwork and steps necessary to replace your lost documents*, including your credit/debit cards, driver’s license, social security card, insurance cards, checkbook – even travelers checks – at no additional cost. You’re even covered overseas. *Pictures, cash and other monies are excluded. Member is responsible for all applicable fees charged by document issuing companies to replace lost or stolen documents.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection monitor
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection monitor

We alert you to potential threats:

We’ll keep an eye out for identity threats with our identity monitoring package:

  • eRecon™ scours known criminal websites for the illegal selling or trading of the personal information you have on file with LifeLock (such as Social Security number, credit card number, e-mail address and driver’s license number).
  • TrueAddress™ notifies you when we detect any new address information associated with your name in address databases nationwide. This helps alert you if a criminal has changed your address to steal mail and obtain your financial information.

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