2014 Godaddy Promo Codes

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Here is a list of all current and valid Go Daddy promo codes available for April 2014. Type the codes in the appropriate box in the shopping cart at Go Daddy or just click the links and you will be redirected to Go Daddy with the discounts already applied. You may want try different promo codes in the shopping cart before you make your final purchase. Often times you may be surprised what kind of discount to qualify for using various SCENE codes.

PLUGIN295 - $2.95 .com domains

Go Daddy Coupon Code PLUGIN295 ($2.95.com Domains, $9.99 ea addl)
This promo code works great when you buy at least 6 domains. At that level you will receive Free Private Registration in addition to the excellent $2.95 domains with Godaddy Code PLUGIN295 at checkout.

Go Daddy Promo Code SCENE10 (10% Off Any Purchase, No Limit)
Go Daddy Coupon SCENE10 will give you 10% off any purchase. There is no minimum or limit to this discount coupon. It’s works awesome for .tv domains or anything else that you need to use a fast coupon for. Sometimes Go Daddy restricts the items that promo codes can be used for. For some reason promo code SCENE10 works on things that you wouldn’t expect. It’s a great fallback code to use in all situations.

Godaddy Coupon Code SCENE5 (Save $5 on any $30+ order)
I’ve found that this Godaddy source code is most effective for some of the more costly international or .tv domains. Some of the other items in this range include certain basic hosting plans, SSL certificates and eCommerce packages. If you find yourself in the $30-$40 range at Godaddy and you’ve already tried Go Daddy discount codes SCENE749 and SCENE10, try this one out and see which promotional code gives you the lowest price.

Godaddy Discount Code SCENE40 – $10 off $40 or more
This is a really great coupon to use when you’ve already tried the SCENE5 coupon code. Unlike a lot of the flat rate discount coupons out there for Go Daddy, this one works for almost every kind of service or product available at GoDaddy.com. Whether it’s a multiyear domain name, an international domain or one of the Go Daddy’s great e-mail plans, you’ll save a quick 10 bucks by entering promo code SCENE40.

Godaddy Source Code SCENE20 – 20% off all Godaddy hosting plans
Whatever kind of hosting plan you are looking for this is that coupon for you. Whether you’re looking to host your site with WordPress or any other available application Godaddy’s hosting plans can be custom fit to meet your exact needs. Use promo code SCENE20 to save an instant 20% on your hosting plan no matter which one you choose. Choose  a 1, 2, or 3 year plan and get the same great 20% off discount.

Godaddy Promo Code SCENESSL – $12.99 Standard SSL Certs (Save over 50%)
Security is the name of the game when conducting business online. If you want security for your site you need an SSL certificate. Normally priced around $30, you can save over half off by using promo code SCENESSL at checkout. Take over 50% in savings by using this exclusive SSL promo code.

Godaddy Code SCENE799 – $7.99 .NET, .BIZ or .ORG domains
This is more of the more popular codes that we carry. Whether you need to find .org, .biz or .net domains, using promo code SCENE799 will give you $7.99 domains with no limits imposed. That’s right unrestricted amounts of domains! This is by far the lowest price for this type of domain extension that you’re going to find anywhere on the Internet.

Godaddy Coupon Code SCENE15 – 15% off $75 or more
A lot of people use this code for the really big purchases that they make. Some of the larger priced international domains can be a real burden on your wallet. But if you use promo code SCENE15, an instant discount of 15% will be applied to your shopping cart. Anybody spending $75 or more will absolutely want to use this code before they make their final purchase. Stack a bunch of items together in the cart and add a few more knowing that you’ll get 15% off your total order. It’s basically like getting free add-ons just for entering into promo code. SCENE15 is one of the most powerful coupons that Go Daddy offers for high-volume purchases. It’s even better than their internal discount club that they charge a yearly fees for. So don’t make the mistake of paying high prices for your domains and related services from Go Daddy.com. Use these Godaddy Codes and save!

IX Web Hosting Coupon

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IX Web Hosting Coupon

Take advantage of IX Web Hosting coupon SCENE to save 25% on your hosting plan. Use IX Web Hosting promo code SCENE to save 25% no matter what plan you choose is best for you. IX Web Hosting features 99.9% uptime, excellent 24 hour support from US based call centers and IX Hosting's unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. This IX Web Hosting coupon is good for any web hosting plan. There is a plan for you, whether you are looking for simple blog space or complex business hosting plans.

New 4inkjets Coupon Code

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For those of you looking for a few cost cutting tips for today’s lousy economy, I suggest looking no further than your printer. If you own a printer, whether it be an inkjet or laser printer you will eventually be in need of an ink cartridge replacement. I’ve got some great news. 4Inkjets is now supporting the show! In celebration of this, we’re offering several exclusive discounts on inkjet refills and toner cartridges.

Use our exclusive Scene Zine 4inkjets coupon code SCENE and you will save 10% on your purchase. I’ve already noticed that 4Inkjets.com has the best prices on the Internet for replacement printer ink. Now take those low prices and chop off another 10% with free shipping on any order over $50. Pretty killer discounts.

Make sure you let us know if this deal saves you some money when you use our promo code. We’ll be sure to post them for all to see how smart you were and how much money you saved with our promo code.

15% off $75 or more

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A ton of people have been waiting around for this one. This is an excellent deal that saves you 15% on your overall order at Godaddy.com. Simply type in SCENE15 in the promo code box at Godaddy checkout. Click apply and get an instant 15% discount if your order totals $75 or more. There are not many other promo codes like this around, so be sure to keep the SCENE15 code handy for your when you or your friends place a higher volume order at Godaddy.

If you are looking for Go Daddy codes that have different levels of savings or coupons with no minimum order, be sure to have a quick look at the April 2014 GoDaddy promo codes list here on the site. There are about 10 different promo codes for Godaddy.com that save you different amounts of money in various situations. The coupons do different things, so make sure you try them all before finalizing your purchase. You would be surprised to see how much you can save when you try a few different codes. Just keep typing in the various SCENE codes and stick with the lowest total.

Save $5 off $30 with SCENE5

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This is a great deal for the average order at Godaddy. Use Go Daddy code SCENE5 and get a quick $5 off any total order of $30 or more. This is good for just about anything at Godaddy. We’ve found that this Godaddy coupon is most effective for some of the more expensive types of domains like .tv or international based domains. Some of the other items in this range include certain email plans, site add-ons and  Internet Commerce packages. If you find yourself in the $30-$40 range at Godaddy and you’ve already tried Go Daddy discount codes SCENE749 and SCENE10, try this one out and see which promotional code gives you the lowest price.

Looking for more Godaddy codes for a different purchasing situation or order total? We’ve got a full 2011 Godaddy Code list on the site that includes all the different discounts in one post. Check it out before you finalize your purchase and save big money at Godaddy.com.

Moosejaw Coupon Code

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Moosejaw Coupon Code SCENE

The very best names in mountain climbing, hiking, outdoor sports gear, camping equipment and outerwear is at Moosejaw.com. Moosejaw is among the best online retailers on the internet for rugged outdoor accessories and must-have essentials for the survivalist or outdoorsman. For over 12 years, Moosejaw has been equipping expert adventure seekers, campers and serious backpackers with the best brands available online.

Here’s a great deal on your gear and outerwear. Receive new, exclusive discounts on your purchases plus free shipping when you use Moosejaw coupon code SCENE on your next purchase.

Moosejaw Coupon Code SCENE

How do I use this coupon at Moosejaw.com?

1. Click on the Moosejaw coupon. You will be redirected to Moosejaw.com
2. Take a look around and Shop for all the products you want.
3. Using ALL CAPS, type in Moosejaw promo code SCENE at checkout. (Important: Use ALL CAPS)
4. Apply the promo code and view your savings! Congratulations!

We’ve heard from hundreds of different people who have used this code. On average, $28 or more is the typical savings that someone gets. Moosejaw promo code SCENE gives double the savings benefit with only one promo code. This Moosejaw coupon gives you both 15% OFF any regular priced item in addition to 10% off any sale priced item! That means that even if Moosejaw is having a sale, you can take off an extra 10% by using Moosejaw coupon code SCENE. Best of all, free shipping is also yours orders of $49 or more.

Moosejaw has the biggest selections of top brand name jackets, camping and hiking gear, outdoor sports and more. Find everything from heavy coats to fleeces and parkas from leading brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Marmot, Volcom, Roxy, Arcteryx, and the quality in-house Moosejaw brand. You will find both mens, womens, children, and baby sizes in all styles and colors available in an easy to navigate online store.

Moosejaw Coupon Code SCENE - 10 to 15% Off

Whether you need camping gear, mountain climbing gear, snowboards, rock climbing or even a baby stroller for jogging; Moosejaw.com is your best choice for quality gear at low prices. Search through a wide selection of backpacks for everyday use or an outdoor excursion. Shoes and boots are featured heavily at Moosejaw as well. Find all your footwear from hiking boots, climbing shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, sandals, socks and more for you and your entire family.

Moosejaw has discounts and sales taking place frequently, so be sure to check out the Sale tab at Moosejaw.com for great items at sale prices. And remember, Moosejaw coupon SCENE is still valid with items on sale. You get to take additional money off on top of the existing sale price. Did I mention they have competitive price matching as well?

Moosejaw will accept returns for all its products as long as they are in reselling condition and that you are still alive. That is why they call it their “Living Will”.

These Moosejaw coupons can be used over and over without restriction or limitation. Feel free to share Moosejaw coupon code SCENE with your friends online.

Eastbay Coupon List

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Eastbay is a big supporter of the show and is providing our listeners and site visitors with special discounts on the latest footwear and apparel at eastbay.com.

AFEBSE2N – Save 15% on orders of $75 or more

Use the discounts by either clicking on the links above, or enter the coupon codes in the cart like the image shows below. There are some restrictions on brands that can be purchased using the code, so be sure to check your shopping cart before finalizing your purchase.

Eastbay Coupon Code - Cart Example

If you’re looking to buy some new athletic shoes, these are the best shoe coupons available online. Browse footwear from all the big brands including Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Converse, and Vans, you can find athletic clothing, sports equipment, and accessories at Eastbay.com.

Use East Bay promo code AFEBSE2N for 15% off your order of $75 or more at Eastbay.com. This coupon is great for ordering a few items at a time. Why not buy a few pairs of shoes or some shoes and a few shirts? At 15% off you won’t find a better deal anywhere. Feel free to share these coupons with friends, co-workers, family and Facebook connections. The codes can be used over and over without restriction or limitations.

Godaddy Code SCENE10 10% off

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Go Daddy Promo Code SCENE10 (10% Off Any Purchase, No Limit)

Go Daddy Coupon SCENE10 will give you 10% off any purchase. There is no minimum or limit to this discount coupon. It’s works awesome for renewals or anything else that you need to use a fast coupon for. Sometimes Go Daddy restricts the items that promo codes can be used for, but some reason promo code SCENE10 works on things that you wouldn’t expect. It’s a great fallback code to use in all situations for an easy, quick discount at Godaddy.

Not much else to say but TRY it! You don’t need any special link. Just enter code SCENE10 at checkout and get the discount. It’s a no brainer.

Looking for other promo codes and coupons for Godaddy? Check out our full 2011 Godaddy Promo Codes list here on the site.

2013 Godaddy Promo Code List

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Godaddy Discounts

No expiration Godaddy codes
Bookmark these and use them over and over. These are non-expiring Godaddy codes that work for hosting also..

SCENE40 - $10 Off $40 or more

SCENE15 - 15% Off $75 or more

SCENE5 - $5 Off $30 or more

SCENESSL - $12.99 SSL Certs

SCENE749 - $7.49 .Com Domains

SCENE10 - 10% Off any order

SCENE20 - 20% Off Hosting

SCENE799 - $7.99 .Net/.Biz/.Org

How to Use Your Code

After you type in your Godaddy code click the “apply code” button which will refresh the page with your promo code applied. To insure yourself the biggest discount,type in all of the promo codes listed above to see which one gives you the biggest discount. SCENE749 gets 30% off domains no matter how many you purchase. Another great coupon worth keeping is SCENE10 for 10% off any order or SCENE5 for an instant $5 discount off any order of $30 or greater. Another new promo code that is only valid for a limited time is is SCENE20, which gives 20% discount on any Godaddy hosting plan.

The most profitable domains to own are .com. Godaddy coupon SCENE749 is the best for buying a .com.

How do I buy a domain name?
The best way to look for a domain is to brainstorm about what type of domain you are searching for. The domain name you are looking for may be based on your name, a company name, or anything else you want. One common technique is to try the bulk registration search tool and just start typing away with your best word combos. No need to worry about your capitalization or spaces in the bulk search, as all of that will be removed and reformatted automatically when searching your domain. If you are selling products online, another great method is to copy and paste your list of keywords or products associated with what kinds of domain names you want to purchase. Find a list of your product categories and paste your list of keywords and find out what domain names are available. When you’ve found the perfect domain, head to checkout and type in the appropriate ZINE discount code to receive your discount.

What’s so great about Godaddy?
It is very important to use a trusted company like Godaddy.com when you are registering a domain name. Godaddy has more domain names than any other company on the internet. They offer the lowest prices on products, as much as 65% less than the competition. They also have 24/7 customer support, so if you have a problem you can fix it any time, day or night. It’s easy to see why why you need to register your domain namess at godaddy, and even easier to appreciate all the Godaddy codes listed above that help you save even more.

Godaddy currently has 35 million domains in their system. They offer comprehensive hosting solutions, Site templates, Secure SSL certificates, easy to setup email plans with spam and anti-phishing filtering, “website tonight” and hundreds of other products.

coupons from GoDaddy

Godaddy.com is the leader in domain registration, having been ranked #7 on the 2006 Inc. 500 list of the nation’s fastest-growing privately held companies; #18 on the 2008 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and having won the CNET Editor’s Choice award. Godaddy has rapidly become the #1 registration resource for domain names by delivering innovative and competitvely-priced products with the highest rated customer support in the business.

SCENE20 – 20% Off Hosting

Mozy Coupons

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We’ve got two great deals for you on the popular online backup service Mozy. These days with digital photos, movies, music and documents it is more important than ever to have an off-site backup location for all of your files. Mozy is a great supporter of the show and has given us two great offers to save you money on their services.

Mozy Promotional / Coupon Codes
SCENE – Save 15% on Mozy Home
SCENE15 – Save 15% on Mozy Pro

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