The Scene Zine was originally known as “The Music Scene Magazine” when it was first introduced in 1997. Marcus Couch came up with the idea to create an audio compilation that would be given out free to local live performances.

“I was at a show that I put together with 6 different bands on the bill. There were several bands handing out demo CDs to the crowd. While it was great that they were promoting themselves, two things happened. 1) Because there were so many bands giving out things, it cheapened the overall value of the discs. 2) It forced the viewing audience to carry around 5-6 cds, which was very awkward when trying to rock out. Thus, a lot of them ended up in the garbage or even the bathroom floor. This led me to change how I wanted to present new music to fans. Instead of 6 different bands giving out 6 different pieces of audio, I decided we would come up with a different compilation CD for each of the shows we did. When someone came to one of our shows, we would hand them a single CD that had tracks from each one of the bands on the bill, whether they were there to see just one band, or all of them. It was part of the admission cost.

Soon after this tradition began, Marcus received a call from the local record distributor asking for a meeting. At the meeting, the President of the distribution company pulled out one of the show CDs from a drawer in his desk. “Care to explain this?” he asked. Marcus then gave him the whole rundown. Expecting to get an earful about the practice of giving away music, Marcus was pleasantly surprised to learn that the distributor wanted to pay for 10,000 of “The Scene Zine” CDs to be made and distributed every month. Thus, The Scene Zine was born.

Fast forward to 2005. Adam Curry (of MTV fame) had just started to podcast. Adam, along with Dave Weiner had invented podcasting through the use of RSS Feeds. Adam had put out the call for new shows, specifically music shows to be a part of his new network, called Podshow. Marcus immediately responded with samples of The Scene Zine. A few weeks later, Marcus was given a contract to be a producer on the Podshow network. Through his work in podcasting, Marcus became one of the very first to ever earn a living solely because of podcasting. Shortly after, Marcus was given his own slot on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. The Scene Zine was now nation-wide! As a commercial entity, The Scene Zine has been supported by over 50 different sponsors and generated over $40 Million in commercial sales.

Marcus decided to put down the mic on The Scene Zine in 2012 so he could concentrate on producing other shows. In the time since then, Marcus has conquered every niche he put his mind to, from WordPress to Sports.

In January 2019 Marcus once again put the horns up and began to record The Scene Zine as an independent podcast. No advertising, no sponsors, no bullshit. Just hard rock and fun.